One:TwentySeven Studios


Live Room

This room has a unique vibe. A lot of the character from this 100 year old building still remains in the live room. The room is stocked with several amps, three great drum kits, plenty of quality microphones and there is enough space to track an entire band.

Control Room

The control room is spacious enough for the whole band to hang out during those long sessions. It is also acoustically treated so that we are able to accurately hear our mixes to make sure that your music sounds its best.

Vocal Booth

The vocal booth has acoustic treatment all around to create an extremely quiet room to record vocals in. There is a large window that looks into the main live room so that you are still able to have visual communication when recording with a live band.


Our lounge is the perfect space to hang out and relax between takes. It also doubles as a small kitchen with a mini fridge to keep your drinks cold and a microwave to heat up your pizza after it gets cold (that is, if you don't like cold pizza).